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Fundamentals of R

1. The R Enviroment
2. Basic Commands
3. Creating Data
Data Manipulation with "dplyr"

1. The Seven Verbs
2. Working with Multiple Tables
Statistics with R

1. Summary Statistics
2. Testing Normality
3. Inference Procedures
4. Outliers

1. For Loops
2. While Loops
3. "apply()" Functions
Analysing Your Data with R

1. Inspecting a Data Set
2. Summary Statistics
3. Working with Logical Values
Data Visualization with ggplot
Computational Tasks

1. The Clever Lecturer
2. Monty Hall
3. Gambler's Fallacy
4. Gambler's Ruin
5. Dice Rolls Experiments
Tidy Code and Tidy Data

1. The pipe operator from "magrittr"
2. The "tidyr" package
3. The "broom" package
Mathematical Functions

  1. Numerical Precision
  2. Matrices
  3. Linear Algebra
  4. Set Theory
Text Data and Time and Date Data Advanced Machine Learning Topics

The caret R Package
Shiny Web Applications